Sep 27, 2011

Sauda, Norway

miasto i gmina leżąca w regionie Rogaland. Gmina Sauda jest 205. norweską gminą pod względem powierzchni.  Według danych z roku 2006 gminę zamieszkuje 4290 osób, średnio na 1 km² wypada 9,39 osób. Pod względem zaludnienia Sauda plasuje się na 197. miejscu wśród norweskich gmin. Sauda Centrum Narciarskie:
Sauda is a municipality and industrial town in Rogaland county, Norway. It is part of the region of Ryfylke. Sauda was separated from Suldal in 1842. Sauda participates in the Haugaland Council and is under the jurisdiction of the Haugaland District Court. The municipality (originally the parish) is named after the old Sauda farm (Old Norse: Sauðar), since the first church was built there. The name is the plural form of sauðr which means "spring" or "issue of water". Before 1918, the name was written "Saude" (or "Søvde"). The coat-of-arms was granted on 14 May 1976. The arms show a river as a symbol for hydroelectricity. Historically, power was generated by watermills, providing a possibility for the development of an industry in the village. Presently, the power is used for melting metal ore in smelters in the municipality. The town of Sauda is the fifth largest in Rogaland with 4 290 inhabitants (2006), and the city center is home to Northern Europe's largest melting plant, Eramet Norway AS. It is situated in the end of the fjord called Saudafjorden. Sauda has a well-developed nightlife, which is suited for all adult ages. There are young-adult bars, as well as more mature-adult bars accessible. A movie theater, many tourist attractions and restaurants exist as a way of relaxing after skiing. However, the most highly recommended first stop is the après-ski at Sauda Skisenter. Also notable athletes; alpine racers, and summer-winter athletes call Sauda home. Hildeborg Juvet Hugdal, known as the World's Strongest Woman resides in Sauda. Sauda Skisenter:

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